KAA Charter

15 March 2008

in Administration


The objectives of this organisation are:

  1. To promote cultural exchanges between the Republic of Korea and the UK
  2. To foster friendship among Korean artists working in the UK
  3. To contribute to the cultural improvement of Korean society in the UK
  4. To promote the interests of Korean artists working in the UK


The members of this Association shall be

  1. Ordinary Member
    Professionals in the arts or art-related activities who have been or intend to be resident in the U.K. for more than one year
  2. Associate Member
    People engaged in the arts or art-related activities who do not meet the above criteria as Ordinary Member
  3. KAA Friend
    At the committee’s discretion, people not meeting the above criteria may be invited to join as KAA Friends, if such KAA Friends may contribute to the activities and interests of the Association


All members of the Association shall:

  1. Foster friendship between members and protect their interests and rights
  2. Promote Korean art and culture in U.K. society
  3. Strengthen the knowledge of the arts of Koreans living in the UK
  4. Actively participate in all art activities

Administration and Organisation philosophy

This Association shall be financed by membership fees, donations and sponsorship.

The role of the chairman and committee is to organize and represent the Association, and to propose activities and events for the furtherance of the Association’s interests. The Chairman and Committee are unpaid.

The objectives of the Association will best me met when all members participate in the activities of the Association and assist in the organization of such activities. Accordingly all members shall contribute to the administration of the Association and support the Committee to the best of their abilities.

Benefits of membership

The benefits of membership include

  1. A website promoting the activities of the Association
  2. Referrals of work in the event of enquiries from event organizers
  3. Individual website pages to provide publicity for individual members in good standing.
  4. Participation in events organised for the benefit of members.

Published: 15 March 2008
Amended: 1 September 2012

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