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서민석 – Min Seo – Project Planner / Designer / paper cutting artist

Min Seo

Min studied at the University of the Arts London, at Chelsea College of Arts and the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Following that he attended The Glasgow School of Art and completed a Masters Degree in Interior Design.

He is now working freelance as a designer, a member of the Kanssa Cultural Exchange Organisation in an artistic capacity and is also one of the Project Managers both in Korea and the UK. He is also Exclusive Producer with the Korean British Cultural Exchange in the UK.

He has held a number of exhibitions of his own work in the UK, South Korea and Belgium. He is also undertakes lectures in the UK and abroad, eg Havering Sixth Form College & Kyungpook National University.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Finland Week Hei- Kanssa Exclusive Project Manager_ 2017
  • Autumn Full Moon Festival – KBCE Executive Producer_ Kingston, UK_ 2016
  • The Art for All – Paper cutting Exhibition – The Finland_ Jeju, Korea_ 2016
  • A design approach at 30.000ft Overcoming a fear of flying- The Glasgow School of Art_ Glasgow, UK, 2014
  • Lost – Paper cutting Exhibition – Q Gallery café_ Antwerp, Belgium, 2012
  • Dano Korea Summer Festival – KCPA Site Manager_ London, UK, 2008

황현정 – HyunJeong Hwang — Pianist

HyunJung Hwang

HyunJeong Hwang is a keen pianist with a passion for performing her classical and romantic repertoire. She won various competitions in South Korea with her virtuosic works at the age of 17.

Winning the competition by Korean music journal at the age of 14, she studied at the SunHwa Arts High School in Seoul. Moved to London, she began her BMus programme in 2011 studying with Daniel-Ben Pienaar and Colin Stone. She has performed several renowned places in the U.K and abroad. She is also exploring chamber music as a duo and currently keeping her study for developing her concert project in MMus programme at the Royal Academy of Music.

Career Highlights

  • Performance at the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall, 2016
  • Awarded the second prize at the Grand Virtuoso Competition in London ,2016
  • Official Accompanist at the Grand Virtuoso Competition in London, 2016
  • Recital at the Museu Cerda in Spain, 2015
  • Performance at Congress Centre in Gabala, Ajezbaijan, 2015
  • Awarded the second prize at the Lilian Davis Competition, 2012
  • Awarded the fourth prize at the Osaka International Competition, 2012
  • Won at the Eum-Ak Segye Media Competition (Korean Classical Music Journal), 2004


서은정 – Eunjung Seo – Painter

Eunjung Seo

I was born in South Korea and have painted all my life. I studied Fine Art at Hong-Ik University in Seoul and since then, I have spent my time roughly 50:50 between England and Korea, such to the point that I feel like I live in two different worlds. To me, Korea is my Narnia. Then, when I’m in Korea, England is my Narnia, so I always miss the other side. This might be the reason why I paint windows and doors as metaphors. When you try to think about the other side, you can’t remember quite clearly about what’s there, so you visualize dream-like images. This dream-like, nostalgic other side is what everyone has in them, and is the reason why we go to the cinema, galleries, and concerts – does art reminding us of our dreams?

I wanted to represent this other side – a somewhat indescribable, melancholy and nostalgic place where language or logic can’t enter. These images combine a strange time and place, which makes you think about a familiar or specific moment.

  • BFA (Hons) Hong-Ik University, Seoul
  • Group Exhibition, Highgate Fine Art
  • Solo Exhibition, Gallery PFO, Busan
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition, M Gallery, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
  • 2012 Currently studying Post Compulsory PGCE at Institute of Education

박진희 – Jinhee Park – Visual/Speculative Artist

Jinhee Park: The Modern Fertility

Jinhee Park: The Modern Fertility

Jinhee Park, who graduated with MA in Design Interactions from Royal College of Art, is a speculative designer/artist exploring philosophy, science and technology. She uses fictional narratives and alternative realities to discuss issues which are happening around us in our society in the form of design. Her artworks are aiming to engage people in the topics that are not usually considered and question to see potential probability.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2016 RCA Show, Royal College of Art, London
  • 2016 Design Tonic, Southbank Centre, London


한현조 – Hyunjo Han – Illustrator

When it rains my body aches. / 비가오면 삭신이 쑤신다. / 2016

When it rains my body aches. / 비가오면 삭신이 쑤신다. / 2016

Hyunjo Han is a London-based emotional illustrator. His style is represented by simple line drawings which expressing the moment of emotional feelings. And his Illustration inspiration from his daily feelings, relationship within people, love and scripts. In particular, as love can be felt by most of the people, the illustrations can be easily sympathized, comprehended and approached to everyone as an art work.

Hyunjo studied Fine Art: Print and Digital Media at the University of the Arts London and has been worked in the various field of industry and then started working as a freelance illustrator since 2015.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2016 Solo Exhibition, Shining Star, Seoul, South Korea
  • 2011 Wimbledon College of Art Show, WCA, London, UK
  • 2009 London Art and Design Group Show, London, UK

강순열 – Soon Yul Kang – Visual artist

Soon Yul Kang: Spiritual Journey (2012)

Soon Yul Kang: Spiritual Journey (2012). Cotton collage, ink, 96 x 96 cm

Soon Yul Kang studied Fibre Arts in Korea, Japan and UK. She received a MA in textiles (Visual Arts) at Goldsmiths College, University of London and has been a resident artist in Kew Art Studio in Richmond since 1998. She specialises in hand woven tapestries, but also creates collages and mixed media works. She has exhibited widely in UK and Korea and internationally and also has been invited as a demonstrating artist at Art in Action 2010, 2011 & 2012. A tapestry of hers is on permanent display at West Middlesex University Hospital, Twickenham in UK and Yedam Church in Seoul, Korea and private collections in UK, Ireland, Germany, U.S.A., Japan and Korea. She lectured at Ewha Womans University, Dongduk Women’s University, Sangmyung University and Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

“My tapestries of tranquil landscapes involve subtle changes in colour and light that reflect changes in perspective and mood to induce a sense of peace, healing and meditation inspired by the Zen understanding of simplicity, stillness and emptiness.

For recent collage works I choose meaningful words or signs. I carefully and repeatedly write them on Korean mulberry paper or pure cotton as a ritual like Zen practice. The meaning of the words and signs are related to a spiritual journey. I cut the written one into very tiny square sizes to start, and then gradually increase the size as I create a circular form. Circle and square refer to Yin and Yang but I also use a circle in my works to convey a sense of immortality and of an on-going journey.”

Selected Exhibitions

  • LIGHT POETRY, LA NOUVA PESA, Rome, Italy, 2016 (Solo)
  • Spiritual Journey, MOKSPACE, London, U.K., 2013 (Solo)
  • Time for Stillness….Time for Silence, Artspace Galleries, London, U.K., 2010 (Solo)
  • Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxfordshire 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Woven Horizon, Colne Gallery, Colchester, U.K., 2009 (Solo)
  • Weaving Within, Smith Art Gallery & Museum and Stirling Castle, Stirling, UK, 2009


박혜경 – Hye Kyung Park – Poet

Hyekyung Park

Poet, Columnist & International Writer

Korean College of Education, Chosun University, BA (03.1977 – 02.1981)

  • Poems on Korean Weekly, Mokpo Nagne, UK Life, 2002 – Present
  • Director of Calvary PR. Church, 2013,2014
  • Published Poem Book (2006), Retailed at Internet Daum and Kyobo Moon Go, 2016, present
  • Samsung Mulsan UK, Senior Adm 1990-1994,8., Techmedia Europe Ltd, Senior Manager 1994-2007
  • Columnist for Hanin Sin Moon (Korean Newspaper ) 2002 – 2004
  • Awards Overseas Korean Foundation (Poem), Certificate International Writer 2001 & 2004
  • Mokpo Jeong Myung Girls High School Teacher (Korean Language) 03.1981 – 02.1985

정지은 – Ji Eun Jung – Kayagum

Ji Eun Jung

Ji Eun Jung is a professional kayagum player and a national initiator of the Important Intangible Cultural Assets of Korea, No.23 Jook Pa Kim Sanjo.

She did her BA in Korean Traditional Music at Ewha Woman’s University and MA in Asian Music at Dong Gook University.

After graduating she had performed all over the world such as the 31st Hong Kong ‘ICTM’ invitation performance, South Columbia University in America ‘Flaser Hall’ Performance, Canada UBC and Hawaii University invitation performance, Berlin ‘research of the world issue association’ performance, and since 2003 she has been living in UK and performing for various occasions at London City Hall, Indigo2, Asia House, British Museum, Oxford University and so on. She’s also holding various seminars, workshops and currently lectures of Kayagum class at Korean Cultural Center in UK and she used to be a Chairwoman of Korean Artists association UK. She is also director of duet music team ‘KAYA’ (Kayagum and guitar music duet).

Selected Performance

  • Korean Night at Davos (The World Economic) Forum in Davos, Swiss 2015
  • The Holiday & Travel Show, Olympia London 2015
  • Korean Music Night in Sofia, Bulgaria 2014
  • Korea Fantasia in Dublin, Ireland 2014
  • Korean Music Night in Ankara, Turkey 2014
  • Kayagum playing with Thames Philhamonia Orchestra, 2013
  • Korean Music Night at Concert Hall in Stockholm, 2013
  • Gastech 2014 Korea launch ‘Korean Night’, Indigo 2, London, 2012
  • Kaya Concert ‘Bridge’, Korean Cultural Centre, 2011
  • Kayagum Seminar ‘Open Discussion on Instrumental Routes in Far East Asia’ at Kingston University, 2009
  • Kayagum Solo Concert, British Museum, London, 2009


사브리나박김 – Sabrina SDHY Park Kim – Musician

Sabrina Park Kim

Sabrina S.D.H.Y. Park Kim is an accomplished pianist, composer and teacher. Sabrina graduated Chungang University with a BA degree in Music, has a MA degree in Music Education from Yonsei University and is qualified as a certified secondary school teacher in South Korea. Later, Sabrina studied at the University of Ulster and the Institute of Education, University of London. Sabrina is currently a teacher at the Hounslow Council Music Service. Sabrina’s compositions have been published extensively. Her composition works include 18 volumes ranging from String Quartet, Piano Music to Violin Sonatas, Woodwind Suites and Vocal Music. Sabrina has also published CDs which contain performances of her composition works.

Recent Composition and Performance Highlights
Compositions and performances for:
The British Korean Women’s Society
The KAAUK Collaboration (“HAP”) Music Video, 2013
The KAAUK Concert, 2012
KOWIN Conference, 2013 (Solo).

Professional Affiliations
European Piano Teachers Association UK
Incorporated Society of Musicians

손숙희 – Suki Berwick – Painter

Suki Berwick: Maze (2015), oil on canvas, 32" x 39"

Suki Berwick: Maze (2015), oil on canvas, 32″ x 39″

Suki Berwick’s work represents her ongoing enquiry into the idea of gesture and sense of movement seeking urgency and immediacy.

Her painting language is one of construction; the elements (marks, forms, drawings) work together – in the process these elements are deployed intuitively into the pictorial space.

Her current work explores the area of self excavation for deeper understanding and clarity.

Selected exhibitions

  • 2013 Four persons’ group exhibition, Bethnal Green Road, London
  • 2013 Group Exhibition, Rod Barton Gallery, London
  • 2012 Commercial Square Studios Summer show, High Wycombe, Bucks
  • 2011 Smaller than Lemon, Sedici Group show, High Wycombe, Bucks
  • 2010 Fine Art Degree Show, Bucks New University, High Wycombe, Bucks
  • 2009 Great MIssenden Abbey Summer School show, Bucks


키티 준임 – Kitty Jun-im Mclaughlin – Painter

Kitty Junim Mclaughlin

Kitty Jun-Im McLaughlin, who has lived in England for over 30 years, integrates cultural duality and reflects her meandering journey through life. Her painting is a calligraphic choreography that layers the Korean art paper Hanji with collaged canvases to create depth and space and tactile textures that incorporate the rhythmic linear elements of her musical back ground. She completed a MA in Fine Art at Reading University in the U.K.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Line Space Colour, Fountayne Road, Seven Sisters, London, U.K., 2009
  • Summer Exhibition, Sheridan Russell Gallery, London, U.K., 2009
  • Alston Business Centre Open Studio, Barnet, London, U.K., 2008
  • Climate of Change, Union Street, London, U.K., 2007
  • Dace Road Exhibition, Hackney, London, U.K., 2007

Kitty’s paintings can be seen on her website:

박선희 – Sunnee Park – Dancer

Sunnee Park

박선희 – 무용가

Dance Training and Career
무용 교육의 배경 / 일본에서의 무용 경력과 활동

Sunhee Park began training in Korean traditional dance at age 7, becoming a member of The Little Angels, touring throughout Asia. She progressed to join the Universal Ballet Company studying at Sunwha Art School, and graduated from ChungAng University majoring in ballet.

In 1991 she moved to Tokyo and completed an MA in Dance and Movement in 1993 at Ochanomizu University. For the next seven years she taught traditional Korean and contemporary dance for 7 years at a wide range of schools in the region of Tokyo as a freelance dance instructor.

During this period she performed at a wide range of Asian dance and cultural festivals in and around Tokyo, including: the Performance for friendship between Japan and Korea (Nakano Zero Hall in Tokyo Japan) in 1994; the Asian Dance Festival ( Kanakawaken music Hall) 1995; the Traditional Culture Exchange between Japan and Korea (Shinzuku Asahi Semei Hall in Japan) 1996; the Assembly of Asia Cultural Exchange (Nakano Zero Hall in Japan ) 1997; the International Culture Exchange (International Forum big Hall in Japan) 1998; and The Northeast Asia Music Festival (Kan Hall of Mountain Park in Japan) 1998.

Research Training in Shamanism
샤머니즘 연구

Sunhee Park’s interest in the dance practice of the Korean Shaman began with a clinical study of Shamanistic Trance Dance for her MA dissertation, and was followed by a Ph.D in Anthropology focused on The Psychology of Shamanistic Trance States, completed in 1998.

She has since lectured internationally on a variety of topics pertaining to the psychology of shamanistic practice, and has published a wide range of acclaimed research papers on the psychology of shamanistic trance, including: The Holistic Spirit and Treatment of Korean Shamans, Ethnic Art, Vol.17, 2001; and Trance States and Physical Expression of the Korean Shaman. “Dance and Physical Expression”; Japan Academic Congress library (series 10), Foundation of Japan Academic Cooperation, 2005.

At present in the UK
영국에서의 활동

Sunhee Park’s interest in the psychological healing potential through the medium of dance has brought her to London to pursue a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy at Roehampton University. She is beginning to establish a traditional Korean dance performance and teaching practice in the UK, and is currently working on a contemporary choreography integrating shamanistic dance techniques with traditional Korean dance practices.

최증현 – Jeung Hyun Choi – Traditional percussion

Jeung Hyun Choi

Jeung Hyun Choi is a Korean traditional percussion player and currently working as managing director of DULSORI, the Korean traditional Music World Group. She has taught Korean traditional percussion and traditional songs for over 25 years. She has been working as a professional instructor for Pung-mul teachers since 2001. She has led many international workshops in the UK and abroad.

  • Founding Member of DULSORI Korea, 1984
  • Board Member of DULSORI Korea, 1998 to present
  • Training Director of ‘TAONORI’, 2004
  • Awarded the 2nd prize from National Kukak Competition, Gyeongju, Korea, 1993
  • Awarded the 2nd prize from Sa-mul-nol-yi Competition, Korea, 1993

Career highlights:

  • 1987 Graduated from Gyeongsang National Univ. Majored in Chinese Literature
  • 2007~2010: SOAS World Music Summer School Korean Samulnori Percussion Instructor
  • 2012~present: Korean School Music Teacher
  • 2012 (October) Samulnori performance “ Korean Night Concert” at the Gastech Conference at the Indigo2
  • 2013 (29 June) Samulnori Performance for celebration 130 years of friendship “Korean-British Festival” in Scotland
  • 2013 (3 September)Korean Drumming Workshop at Kingston Festival
  • 2013 (4 October) SamulnoriPerformance ”Mice Roadshow” at Park Lane Hotel
  • 2013 (October) Traditional Music Workshop at Korean Culture Centre UK
  • 2014 (5 March) Samulnori Performance and workshop at launch party of KIA motors UK
  • 2014 (25 June) Samulnori Performance “Korean Night” at the V&A Museum


성초롱 – Cholong Sung — Kayagum

Cholong Sung

Cholong Sung has been studying Korean traditional music since 10 years old. She graduated from the National Gukak (Korean traditional music) Middle and High school, where she majored in Gayageum (Korean zither) and she did BA in Korean Traditional Music at Ewha Woman’s University. As a Kayagum player, she gained much experience by taking part in many concerts and had received awards at a number of Gayageum competitions. After graduating from university, she went to Seoul National University to study Korean Music Theory and completed her MA in 2013. She is now a Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology at the SOAS, University of London, and is an instructor of the SOAS Gayageum Society.

  • Vice President of the Performance Team, Korean Artists Association (2016)
  • Performance at the International Cultural Evening, Sheffield City Hall (2015)
  • Certificate of Art and Culture Education Instructor (2014)
  • Assistant Director, “Power of Voice”Gugak FM (Korean Traditional Music Broadcasting) (2011)
  • Japanese Cultural Exchange Project, Invited by Tokyo University of the Arts (2011)
  • Building Metadata for an Important Intangible Cultural Asset Project, Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2010)
  • Performance at Kennedy Center and George Mason University, D.C, hosted by Ewha Alumni in U.S.A (2009)
  • Gayageum Soloist with Ewha Korean Music Orchestra, 41st Ewha Annual Concert (2007)
  • 1st Prize, 29th National Contest for Gayageum in Tangumdae (2005) and Seoul Gayageum Contest (2006)

송해인- Haein Song – Artist

Haein Song

Haein Song is a dancer, digital practitioner and director born in Seoul. She is passionate about creating multi-cultural performance by finding an interesting convergence between traditional and contemporary culture and arts. She trained Korean Traditional Dance in Gukak National middle and high School and studied choreography in Korea National University of Arts. After working as a dancer, director and producer in Jeju with the company Korean Performing Art Development Corp., MARO for three years, she came to London to explore digital performances. She completed a MA in Contemporary Performance Making, Brunel University, and now continuing her PhD, researching Interactive digital practices in connection with Korean Kut’ in Brunel.

Her recent direction work ‘Leodo’, is received the First Prize in 2014-15 Openstage by Korean Cultural Service NY, selected as Five representative Korean Performances at Assembly Korean Season in Edinburgh Fringe 2015, and nominated the Best Performance in Dark Chat award in EdFringe 2015. ‘Neo puri:미여지뱅뒤’ receive the excellence award in multidisciplinary content competition by CCCC.

Direction, Choreography Work

  • “Neo-Puri: 미여지뱅뒤” , OCreative, OtvN, (CJ Studio, Seoul) 2015
  • “Neo-Puri” , Jeju Performing Arts Support Project (Seoguwipo Grande Theatre, Jeju) 2015
  •  “Leodo: The Paradise” The1st Assembly Korean Season, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, (Assembly George Square Studio One, Edinburgh) 2015
  • “Leodo: The Paradise” London Showcase (Korean Cultural Centre UK, London) 2015
  • “Leodo: Paradise Lost” 2014-2015 OPENSTAGE by NY Korean Cultural Service (Flushing Town Hall, New York) 2015
  • The Physical installation performance” Twelve doors”, The 2nd Researching the Arts Conference (Antonin Artaud 003, Brunel University, UK) 2014
  • A Digital Interactive Performance “Human”, Digital Art &performance Weekender (Watermans, London) 2014
  • “Leodo: Paradise Lost” , C venue Top 10 Shows in Edinburgh Fringe Festival (C Venue, Edinburgh) 2014
  • A video piece “Hair” and live performance “Human” at Month of Performance Art Berlin (Neuhouch, Berlin) 2013
  • “Pudasi” Edinburgh Fringe Festival (C venue, Edinburgh) 2013
  • “Neo-Pudasi” Art Residency Performance (Kimjung culture & art centre, Jeju) 2013


박성영 – Sung Young Park — Painter

Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm

Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm

Sung Young Park studied Fine Art first in Korea before moving to London to continue her studies. She completed her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2006. After gaining a certificate in teaching adults she ran her own art classes at the Brady Art Centre in Whitechapel and went on to teach amateur artists in the Phoenix Art Group at Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch.

In her practice she has been continually fascinated by figurative images that challenge conventional representation in painting. She is particularly interested in creating images that reflect her daily life, personal experience, memory and subconscious. This allows her to convert her autobiographical experience into images that she places in bizarre and unreal juxtapositions.

She has approached her recent works from a Buddhist perspective. She sees Buddhism as a science of the mind rather than a religion and believes it can adapt to and influence art and culture in many positive ways.

Selected Exhibitions

  • From the Lightest Corners of the Mind, Gallery O-68, Solo Show, Netherlands, 2014
  • Imaginative Space, Mokspace Gallery, Duo Show, London, 2013
  • Royal Academy of Arts Cafe Gallery, Group Show, London, 2010
  • Sueli Turner Gallery, Group Show, London, 2009
  • Chrysalis Gallery, Solo Show, Richmond, 2005