Delayed Sojourn – London, home away from home

An annual exhibition by Korean Artists Association UK
Korean Cultural Centre UK
2nd – 8th December 2011

(Private view: Friday 02. 12. 2011, 6.30 – 8.30 pm)

INVITATION: Delayed Sojourn

Delayed Sojourn – London, home away from home represents 16 artists who have various background and diverse media, such as sculpture, painting, photography, film, design, textile, ceramic, architecture organised by KAA UK (The Korean Artists Association in UK).

Artists: Bada Song, Hyun Jun Kim, Hyunseok Lee, Jean Kim, Joohee Chun, Joon Hwan Lim, Jung-Gyun Chae, Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin, Miso Park, Myung Nam An, Shera Hyunyim Park, Soo Ji Shin, Soon Yul Kang, Sun Kim, Unmi Li, Yonghyun Lim (Jackie)

Bada Song

I use a range of media to build series in modules. This allows singularities to distinguish themselves from similar and gain identity through difference. For Delayed Sojourn I adapted this process to Korean language in a translation of the famous verb list deployed in 1968 by American sculptor Richard Serra.

Hyun Jun Kim

The installation of the fish bowls is accompanied by the notes and photographs. It speculates the personal journey to find a home in London through the repetitive process of relocation. It translates the trajectory of the homes into the suspended fish bowls where a fish swarms while keeping a constant distance to another. It creates the systematic illusion, the artificial cloud or the collective wish of ‘swarming-together’.

Hyunseok Lee

My art work as a form of animation narrative seeks to cross the boundary between reality and the abstract world, and is in some senses an ‘Animated Spiritual Documentary’. This artwork as a form of a short animation film, falls into four parts, each with a different content, with the final part moving from an interpretation of the spiritual journey and environment to a representation of a spiritual experience, I have focused on exploring the representation of the Buddhist’s philosophical principles and sacred experience by dramatising abstract and surreal environments.

Jean Kim

Long and winding roads
Off she goes
Naked as she is
Dancing to the city rhythms
Oh, here she comes
Naked as she is

Joohee Chun

I contain and seal my feelings and thoughts in the transparent layers of my paintings to create an ‘affect’ without the need for words. There are always spiritual inspiration, desire, hope which are suppressed any negative parts of my inner emotions in my painting to overcome current situation.

Joon Hwan Lim

There are many different people who were born different country and cultures, which have relationship each other in London. I re-interpreted such diversity to cultural flowing as various ships.

Jung-Gyun Chae

I am attempting to reinterpret Korean aesthetics by modernizing it via the Eastern mind by means of sculpture, installation and what I term “Film-Painting”. I started my work with painting but added projection of film on to sculpture later. This will become a coexistent place of meeting between the object and the film.

Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin

The essence of Kitty’s work derives from her integration of the duality of her experience of Korean and British culture, weaving them together to present an original and imaginative retelling of the influence of experience on the subject. The rich, tactile surfaces of her paintings, composed of rhythmic, linear elements cross the canvas in layers of Korean Hanji paper.

Miso Park

Many overseas students’; lives are suspended like dust in the air; they live with solitude, economic distress, anonymity and the difficulty of managing their new life. The project aims to highlight their mentality and illustrate the hardships of living in the UK. Issues of language, culture, society and emotional changes are addressed in Living Away From Home.

Myung Nam An

I want to express aspects of the human life using ceramic as an accessible way to tell stories about how unexpected changes, fate and luck affect our life. I want my own experience to have a universal meaning of existence as an artist. I intend to express who I am and how I came to be here, there was no past, present and future discernible, and it seemed to me that my work was flowing or waiting to move in one direction or another.

Shera Hyunyim Park

I found London is such a natural environment city especially bank-side landscape seem a frame of artwork as fantastic and dreamy natural image. Image transformed famous London landmarks to natural elements and those elements are combined together to create a frame of scene like artwork itself. Can you see the London Eye, Dali’s Elephants, Big Ben, Eros figure in Piccadilly Circus, Gherkin building and Millennium Bridge?

Soo Ji Shin

Chandelier – It is made by connecting of the many small boats, and it is like a cluster of them. It looks as if the cluster is flying to the sky. It is also made by hand- sewing. (lighting)

Soon Yul Kang

My works are concerned with contemplation inspired by nature and Zen. My images have a timeless aspect to them and convey to the viewer a sense of tranquility and mystical form. The use of a circle in my works conveys a sense of immortality and of an on-going journey. Coming to London was for me the beginning of a new life and that is a journey is still on-going.

Sun Kim

My work is focused on a range of functional ware where I explore traditional and contemporary aesthetics. I use porcelain and also stoneware as the main material to produce my work. I’m very intrigued by cultural connections I find within my work and the making process is a continual challenge for me and a personal investigation into form, shape and volume.

Unmi Li

My work illustrates my growing awareness of a vibrant multicultural city; its hopes and fears expressed in London.

Yonghyun Lim (Jackie)

When I arrived in London the city was like a fairy tale, it inspired me to photograph it, to sketch it and to write about it. Big Ben, London Eye and the river Thames were like scenes from a fairy tale, something that I had dreamt of since I was a child, my dream had come true and I was very excited. After numerous beers it was much more appealing.

Exhibition Committee: Soon Yul Kang, Hyun Jun Kim, Miso Park, Joon Hwan Lim
Exhibition Director: Bada Song

Korean Cultural Centre UK
General enquiries:
Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BN
(Entrance in Northumberland Avenue)
Opening Times: Mon to Fri 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday 11 am – 4 pm

Enquiries on this exhibition:
The Korean Artists Association UK

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