Eunjung Seo Feleppa (painter)

Eunjung Seo

I was born in South Korea and have painted all my life. I studied Fine Art at Hong-Ik University in Seoul and since then, I have spent my time roughly 50:50 between England and Korea, such to the point that I feel like I live in two different worlds. To me, Korea is my Narnia. Then, when I’m in Korea, England is my Narnia, so I always miss the other side. This might be the reason why I paint windows and doors as metaphors. When you try to think about the other side, you can’t remember quite clearly about what’s there, so you visualize dream-like images. This dream-like, nostalgic other side is what everyone has in them, and is the reason why we go to the cinema, galleries, and concerts – does art reminding us of our dreams?

I wanted to represent this other side – a somewhat indescribable, melancholy and nostalgic place where language or logic can’t enter. These images combine a strange time and place, which makes you think about a familiar or specific moment.

  • BFA (Hons) Hong-Ik University, Seoul
  • Group Exhibition, Highgate Fine Art
  • Solo Exhibition, Gallery PFO, Busan
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition, M Gallery, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
  • 2012 Currently studying Post Compulsory PGCE at Institute of Education

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