The Beauty of Traditional Korean Furniture at Gallery Han

Kitty Jun-Im McLaughlin will be appearing in a joint exhibition in New Malden later this week:

Gallery Han Summer Exhibition
Traditional Korean Furniture sidebarThe Beauty of Traditional Korean Furniture
21 – 27 July

Korea was generally known as the “Hermit Kingdom” by the West until early twentieth century, and therefore it is quite recent phenomenon that Korean culture has been introduced to the world audiences. In many cases, Korean ceramics, white porcelains, calligraphies and genre paintings are being quoted as significant Korean cultural or artistic asset. However, a startling realization that not many people around world or even perhaps Korean themselves do not realize Korea has a long tradition of making furniture and their excellent craftsmanship.

Korean furniture is practically unique among the furniture of the world in terms of practicality, sensitive designs, compact forms, and simple. Its uniqueness of designs developed as a result of the Korean custom of sitting on cushions and mats on the floor. Our summer exhibition will demonstrate natural beauty of the furniture with its stories and values.

The exhibition also includes flower arrangements by Jane Packer and fine painting by Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin.

39 Coombe Gardens | New Malden | KT3 4AB | 10:00 – 18:00
21 – 27 July (Closed Sunday 24 July)
Jinsoo Park. 07951 746614

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