엄마, Mother – at Han Collection

Six Different Interpretations of MOTHER

Date: Friday 20 May – Saturday 28 May 2022
Venue: Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH | www.hancollection.co.uk

엄마, MOTHER is a group exhibition that presents artworks from six South Korean-born artists who have been living and settled in the UK for decades as a wife, mother and grandmother. 엄마 is the Korean word for mum. It is an informal way to refer to a female parent in South Korea and reads “om-ma” or “eom-ma”.

What thoughts come into our mind when we think about the word MOTHER? In the exhibition, each artist introduces works that express her idea of MOTHER in different visual language and art mediums.

Soon Yul KANG’s countless handwritten words of Mum are a prayer and contemplation on what contemporary society misses, and Jee OH recomposed and embroidered aged, worn out and string-broken mala beads that her mother wore on her wrist for many years when praying. Eunjung Seo FELEPPA’s portraits capture her subjects who linger in between the moment and its passing, while Sung Young PARK’s paintings reflect on how her awareness of her surroundings has grown. Jeong Min MOON distorts and burns paper to express her meditation and continuous efforts to adapt to a different culture as a mother, and Sarah E. CHOI’s clay objects represent the natural warmth of a mother’s unconditional love.

Soon Yul KANG: Longing

My works are the repeated handwritten word ‘Mum’ on Korean mulberry paper, the paper is then cut into small strips and then reassembled to form the piece. Through this ritualistic process, I contemplate the word ‘Mum’ which reflects love, prayer, and the place where we always want to arrive.

Longing, by Soon Yul KANGSoon Yul KANG studied fibre art in South Korea, Japan and received an MA at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has exhibited in the UK, South Korea and internationally including Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, a duo exhibition at Korean cultural centre in Washington, D.C., solo exhibitions at the Menuhin Hall, Han Collection in the UK, La Nuova Pesa in Rome, Italy, and the 4th End of the World Biennial in Argentina. She received ‘the People’s Choice Award’ from Sasapari in the UK. Her artworks are included in the collections of West Middlesex University Hospital and private collections internationally.


Jee OH: Mother’s Prayer

As a mother of a young child and an artist at the same time, I often struggle to find space and time for myself. My recent art making is a meditation practice to search for myself and my work boundaries, and my recent artworks reflect my transformational self.

Jee OH: Mother's PrayerJee OH is a cross-disciplinary artist living in Epsom, UK. Jee previously worked as a UI designer before starting to pursue her artistic aspirations in 2003. She studied product design in South Korea and received an MA with distinction in new media from The University of Sussex, UK in 2005. The principal themes that Jee questions and reinterprets through her works are hybridity and subjective mapping. She often composes her concept in a physical form and works in a variety of media including assemblage, installation and online. Her artworks have been exhibited in various art venues in Europe, the UK, South Korea, Singapore and the USA. She was awarded the ‘Young Artist Sponsorship’ from Arts Council Korea in South Korea, 2007.


Eunjung Seo FELEPPA: Mum

I find everyone’s face embodies their own life stories, drama and thoughts. I keep some parts of my paintings realistic and the rest abstract by blurring or smearing with a painting knife that represents flowing time, sway and uncertainty. We are here now and we will be gone.

Eunjung Seo FELEPPA: MumEunjung Seo FELEPPA has been living in London since 2008 and currently works as an art technician and teacher. She studied fine art at Hong-Ik university in Seoul and took a PGCE teacher education programme at the UCL Institute of Education in the UK. Her creative practice focuses on contemporary portraits and she tries to capture the subtle emotions of her subjects and the atmosphere around them. In her paintings, abstraction meets realism to represent her contemporary mind. She has exhibited in numerous galleries in South Korea and England including Highgate Fine Art, Gallery Pfo, Sutton House, Kingston Museum and the Korean Cultural Centre in London.


Sung Young PARK: So Very Precious

As a child I focused on nurturing tiny vulnerable creatures, a little ‘Mom’. As a woman, I consider the bigger picture. What it means to be tender and compassionate. What it means to be strong and resilient. As children of mother earth, we have a duty to protect what gives us life.

Sung Young PARK: So Very PreciousSung Young PARK studied fine art in South Korea and completed her Professional Doctorate in fine art at the University of East London in 2006. She is particularly interested in creating images that reflect her daily life, personal experience, memory and subconscious. She aims to use the creative process to visually consider and understand the world whilst simultaneously connecting and expressing subliminal thoughts and emotions. She has exhibited her works in the UK, Europe and South Korea.


Jeong Min MOON: Mother’s Presence

As a mum living in a multicultural society, I represent complex emotions and presence in my artworks. Spontaneously I meditate on a life of mother’s patience, tears, endless love through techniques such as scattering paint, burning and tearing fragile paper.

Jeong Min MOON: Mother's PresenceJeong Min MOON received a BA fine art in Seoul, South Korea in 1990 and an MA fine art at Middlesex University London UK in 2004. Her artworks have been in many group exhibitions in London and Seoul. The main theme that she explores through her artworks is her inner conflicts as an immigrant mother who lives in a foreign community. Her meditative works are abstract, monochrome and repetitive.


Sarah E. CHOI: Mother Earth

Mother, hometown and clay: these three elements have something in common. They emanate natural warmth and comfort as a mother embraces her children in unconditional love. Clay is a wonderful material for my works as the most fundamental element which embraces everything on earth.

Sarah E. CHOI: Mother EarthSarah E. CHOI is an active artist based in London. Sarah achieved a BA in fine art at Ewha university, Seoul and studied fine art at the University of West England. She links her practice to the theme of humanity while witnessing diverse aspects of life in a multicultural society. She uses many different art mediums and methods for her works. Being open-minded towards various art forms has given her real freedom and a wide perspective on her art world. She has been invited to various art venues. She received the ‘Award Winning Artist 2019’ from Sasapari and recently her sculpture ‘Being’ was selected by Chaiya Art Awards 2020 in the UK.


i, kid: the January 2017 KAA residency at the KCC

i-kid badgeThe Korean Artists Association UK (KAA) presents its annual exhibition and performance at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in January 2017. The title of the exhibition and performance is ‘I, Kid 우리어릴적’. The exhibition and performance of ‘I, Kid’ displays the artists’ reflection of nostalgic memories of their childhood and a glimpse of who they are now. Their stories tell something personal and Korean, yet universal for us to share.

The exhibition presents 10 exciting new artworks by 18 Korean artists, including 7 guest artists. The display forms and media of the artworks vary greatly from traditional painting to cutting-edge virtual reality. On the opening day of the exhibition, 10 talented performing artists, including 3 guest performers, will present reflective works on their childhood.

The exhibition and performance are generously sponsored by Korean Cultural Centre UK and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

i, kid web flyer

Kitty Jun-Im: Connected Moment, at Han Collection

Han Collection announces the following upcoming exhibition:

Kitty Jun-Im: Connected Moment

Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH | 020 7637 8880 | www.hancollection.co.uk
21-29 October 2016

Connected Moment poster

We are very much looking forward to our eagerly anticipated exhibtion of new paintings by Kitty JunIm going up next week (21-29 October 2016).

Kitty has worked hard over the past months on producing canvases depicting calligraphic movement in connected form.

The Private View and ‘Meet the Artist’ evening will be held on Friday, 21th October from 6-8pm at the gallery. We look forward to seeing you there.


Sacred Art – an international group exhibition at Aberglasney House, Carmarthen

The upper walled garden at Aberglasney House
The upper walled garden at Aberglasney House. Photo: Nigel McCall. Source: aberglasney.org

This exhibition features a number of Korean artists who are members of Korean Artists Association UK: Bupjeon Sunim | Soon Yul Kang | Sung Young Park | Yong Min Cho

Sacred Art

Sacred Art poster

OPENING EVENT: Friday 29th April 2016, 6:30 to 9:30 pm

  • Opening night performance from international dancer and choreographer Yong Min Cho
  • Opening night ritual led by celebrant Sophie Bold

EXHIBITION: 29th April – 5th May 2016, Daily 10am to 6pm

VENUE: Aberglasney House and Garden | Llangathen | Carmarthenshire SA32 8QH | [Map]

East meets Welsh as first international contemporary art exhibition at Aberglasney House explores the sacred:

  • Leading Welsh artists featured including Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Sarah Rhys
  • International artists including Sung Young Park, Soon Yul Kang and Ezio Cicciarella
  • Established and emerging artists including Jonathan McCree, Joshua May and Jojo Taylor
  • Street Artists including Joyce Treasure, Carlos Cashiero and founder of Street Art collective Psychodoodlz, Marc Craig
  • Outsider artists including Swci Delic, Johnny and Stucky
  • Shamanic artists including Imelda Almqvist and Ingress Vortices

Exhibiting artists

Alan Williams |Ally Jay Phillips | Billy Moore | Birthe Nissen | Bupjeon Sunim | Carlos Cashiero | Cecilia Rouncefield | Celia Dowson | Chae Hee Jung | Chang Sook Lee | Clive Hicks-Jenkins | Erica Frances George | Ezio Cicciarella | Fiona Sant | Giusi Tomasello | Graham Ward | Imelda Almqvist | Ingress Vortices | INK | Jeon Je-woo | JFM Masson | Jocelyn Chaplin | Johnny | Jojo Taylor | Jonathan McCree | Joshua May | Joyce Treasure | Lawrence Nash | Lu Wray | Marc Craig | Mark Timmins | Miche Follano | Oliver Ashworth-Martin | Peter Hanmer | Philippa Sibert | Sarah Rhys | Soon Yul Kang | Stucky | Sung Young Park | Suzanne Rees Glanister | Svetlana Bogatcheva | Swci Delic | Tina Reid | Vidyakaya | Yong Min Cho | Young Jin Choi | Zara Kuchi


Soon Yul Kang (강순열) in Light Poetry at La Nuova Pesa

Soon Yul Kang is appearing in a solo exhibition in Rome. The exhibition LIGHT POETRY, curated by Vittoria Biasi at LA NUOVA PESA contemporary art gallery in Rome, is two solo shows one by Soon Yul Kang a Korean artist based in London and the second by Andrea Santarlasci an Italian artist based in Pisa.

Soon Yul Kang shows a meditative hand writing work on linen canvas with the Korean word 사랑[sarang] (LOVE) repeatedly, also paper collage works hand written with the Korean words 마음 (Heart/Mind), 사랑 (Love), 엄마 (Mother) on Korean mulberry paper Hanji and a photography work titled Mother’s Pray (Cheongwhasoo 정화수).

Contemporary Art Gallery
17 February – 1 April
Andrea Santarlasci – Soon Yul Kang
Curator: Vittoria Biasi

Soon Yul Kang: LOVE (2016)
Soon Yul Kang: LOVE (2016) (detail): hand writing on linen canvas, 135x135cm.

Mallarmé compared the written word to the power of a starry sky, thereby opening up the possibility of a communion between light and poetry, this becoming the aura of craftsmanship, elaborated by man’s rituality around the luminous sign. It is from personal experience, ‘enlightened’ by history, that the project of the exhibition ‘The Light and the Poet’ originated, through the creative – ritualistic meeting of artists Andrea Santarlasci and Soon Yul Kang: it is a conscious dialogue between the twentieth century of the West and the rituality of the East, lived as an aesthetic possibility faced with the inexpressible, contained in the manifestation of light and its writing. The distance between the borderlines of these two ways of expression is the space-time in which light organises its creative tension.

According to Soon Yul Kang, writing is a moment of poetic and dramatic standstill, where something empties itself of its subjectivity, to acquire a rhythm which goes immeasurably beyond its own boundaries. The ritual repetition of words marks the historical path that humankind has to travel through day in and day out, to gain steady interior mobility as in a Zen meditation.

For Andrea Santarlasci, shadow is the constant manifestation on the other side of the cone of light, as seen in the relationship between knowledge and its inexhaustible conquest. The loss of the relationship between the object and its shadow pushes imagination towards the threshold of research and memory.

Both projects, through different paths, are reflections on the ethereal origin of the symbol, which transmigrates from the elusive world of ideas to the terrestrial realm, finding its harbour and its boundaries on the thresholds of white and light; they also reflect on its trans-cultural value, which crosses the histories of all countries with different configurations and conveys systems which are in a constant state of change and mutation.

Via del Corso, 530, 00186 Roma, Italy www.nuovapesa.it


Sarah E. Choi (음은경) in Abstractions & Figurations at Gallery 54

Sarah E Choi will be appearing in a group exhibition at Gallery 54 in Shepherd Market from 22 February:

Abstractions & Figurations

Date: 22 – 28 February 2016 daily from 11am – 6pm
Venue: Gallery 54 | 54 Shepherd Market | London W1J7QX
Private View: Tuesday 23 Feb, 6 – 9 pm | Saturday 27 Feb, 2 – 5 pm


Arirang: the 2015 KAA residency at the KCC

Arirang poster


The Korean Artists Association(KAA) UK present its annual showcase at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in July 2015. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Arirang’. We will explore this strong, meaningful theme with a varied exhibition of art pieces, plus performances using a combination of traditional Korean instruments alongside western instruments, making for and exciting fusion of music. We will also be holding a special workshop at the end where you can participate and gain an understanding of the deep meaning of ‘Arirang’.

2015 Opening Reception: Tue 7th July 6pm – 8.30pm
RSVP: koreanartuk@gmail.com

EXHIBITION: 7th – 27th July 10am – 6pm (Sat 11am – 5pm, Sun closed)
Admission Free
Venue: Korean Cultural Central Centre UK
Grand buildings 1-3 strand, London WC2N 5BW
(Entrance on Northumberland Ave)

Arirang details

Jeeeun Hong (홍지은) in Group Exhibition: P + P | PHOTOGRAPHY + PAINTING

  • Date: MAY 05 – MAY 09, 2015
  • Opening Reception: TUESDAY, MAY 05 6PM-9PM
  • Gallery Hours: TUESDAY – SATURDAY, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • http://ppluspexhibition.weebly.com
  • Inquiries: imastudio@mail.com


Ima Studio is pleased to present a group exhibition at Four Corners. The exhibition contains work from an international group of young artists exhibiting and exploring the medium of painting and photography. The exhibit consists of work by artists PARMINDERJIT BHANGOO, DONGMIN HAN, SAMANTHA Y. HUANG, JEEEUN HONG, KATE KIM, JUNG HYUN SUK, JOSHUA LAPENA, SUJEONG PAIK, CRISTINA PRUDENTE, and will also include work by the non-profit social enterprise LENSATIONAL.

P+P is informed by the thought that when the camera was first introduced, photography was considered a new technology to replace the medium of painting. Thus, painters and even the public predicted that photography would lead to the ceasing of the painted form. Contrary to their expectations, painting and photography have developed independently, each assuming unique identities. Photography never eclipsed painting, instead the two forms started to respond to each other. To demonstrate how the boundaries within art blur, this exhibition explores the intersection and overlapping of painting and photography.

Parminderjit Bhangoo’s minimalist work is an intriguing mix of line and intention. They are equal parts literal representations of the subject matter as much as they are puzzles waiting to be explored.

Dongmin Han uses hanji-like photo paper, photo emulsion liquid, and applies brush strokes to create an unusual effect of the end image lying somewhere between photo and painting.

Jeeeun Hong’s work aims to create a personal sanctuary. Inspired by her own search, and using a variety of mediums, she also invites the viewer to find their own sanctuaries.

Samantha Y. Huang’s photographs are performance-based interpretations of paintings that start with the idea of the person being the canvas.

Kate Kim uses fairy tales as her subject matter. In this exhibition she uses the white rabbit as the main focus for exploring a theme of innocence.

Jung Hyun Suk’s photographic work is both about the traditions of a Korean Funeral Ceremony and the beauty of the landscape. He emphasises symbolism and colours to guide narrative.

Joshua Lapena investigates the relationship with space, specifically the relationship we make with neutral/empty space.

SuJeong Paik’s series of paintings ask us to look again at the idea of imperfection, arguing that embracing imperfection is fundamental to our self-satisfaction, and more important than the pursuit of imperfection.

Cristina Prudente uses photography in a non-traditional approach and explores the public communities of the everyday.

For P+P Ima Studio is proud to invite the support, and exhibit the work, of Lensational – a non-profit social enterprise that aims to empower marginalised women in developing regions through participatory photography programmes. This particular project at P+P showcases Hong Kong from the lenses of Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers. Photography here is used as an analogy to describe the state of mind for these domestic helpers who are in transition. Every time when a shutter is clicked, it signifies uncertainty.


MinJung Baek and Marisol Lee in duo recital

Marisol Lee (violin) and MinJung Baek (piano) will be performing two recitals on 20 and 21 April: a lunchtime recital at the 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo, which bills itself as “the most intimate and unique event space in central London”, with the programme repeated the next day (with a bonus item) at the Royal Academy of Music for Marisol Lee’s Advanced Diploma Recital:

The Grand Duo


Monday 20 April 2015

Doors: 12.30pm | Concert: 1.00pm | Tickets £5
1901 Arts Club | 7 Exton Street | Waterloo | London SE1 8UE

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Concert: 7:30pm | Tickets £7.50 (concessions £5.50)
David Josefowitz Recital Hall | Royal Academy of Music | Marylebone Road | London NW1 5HT


Marisol Lee
Marisol Lee
Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin in A major, Op.12 No.2 (both recitals)
Schubert: Violin Sonata in A major, D.574 “Grand Duo” (both recitals)
Ysaÿe: Sonata for solo violin, op.27 no.4 (21 April only)
Prokofiev: Violin Sonata No.2 in D major, Op.94bis (both recitals)

Pianist MinJung Baek studied at the prestigious Accademia pianistica di Imola in Italy with Leonid Margarius and Mannes college of Music in NYC with Jerome Rose before moving to London to study at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama on a full scholarship under the guidance of Ronan O’Hora. Since winning her first competition at the age of five in her native country, South Korea, she has won more than fifty Korean national competitions such as Wol-Eum, Cho-Sun Ilbo, Music Education News (Grand Prize), Eum-ak Chun-chu, Eum-Youn, Han-Kook Ilbo and, later, she also collected an impressive array of top prizes in international competitions, including Skokie Valley in USA, Giuliano Pecar, Ernesto Falla, Concorso Nuovi Orizzonti, Jacque Samuel, Pietro Argento, Rachmaninov and the European Beethoven Gold Medal in London (2012).

Minjung Baek
Minjung Baek
MinJung made her first public recital at the age of eight in Seoul, and her orchestra début aged 10 with Busan Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 as the winner of the young artist audition. Since then, sensitive touch, expressive playing and strong charismatic charm have led her to perform extensively throughout in USA (Steinway Hall in NYC, Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, Mixon Hall in Cleveland, Notre Shore Center for performing Arts), all major theatres in Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Japan, Romania, Spain, Korea and UK and also has been broadcast on KBS, Rai, ITV, PBS, WQXR and the Ukraine national radio.

MinJung has also collaborated with prestigious orchestras around the world and within the UK, has performed recitals in major venues such as Wigmore Hall, Purcell room, Warwick Arts Centre, Benjamin Britten Theatre, Milton Court, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Barbican Hall and at City of London, Dartington Music and Brighton festivals.

In March 2015 she moved back to Seoul to take up a teaching position, which she holds alongside her performing career and is looking forward to giving her début concerts and masterclass in Edinburgh, Bangkok, Malaysia and Moscow in September.



Jee OH (오지현) will be participating in a panel discussion on ‘THE BOTTOM LINE: BEAUTY, BODY IMAGE AND TEENAGE GIRLS’ organised by the Pan Asian Women’s Association.

  • Date: Wednesday, 4 March 2015 at 6.30PM
  • Venue: The Nehru Centre (TNC), 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF

The Bottom Line: Beauty, Body Image and Teenage Girls

PAWA Panel in partnership with the Nehru Centre

Wednesday, 4 March
6.30pm Panel Discussion. 7.45pm Drinks Reception. 8.15pm End
The Nehru Centre | 8 South Audley St | London W1K 1HF

What is the definition of female beauty and who chooses what makes us “beautiful”? A globalised world and the internet age has led to a transformation of how we view female beauty which is having a profound impact on young girls everywhere. In the past, beauty was defined by individual culture — for good or ill. It was a concept born of local tradition, history and aesthetics. Yet in the social media age we have moved towards a standardised concept of beauty being imposed on young girls and women worldwide. From selfies to magazines to websites, we see the cult of size zero, overt sexualisation and a Westernised ideal being sold to girls everywhere.

The Pan Asian Women’s Association (PAWA) and Nehru Centre will host a panel discussion to explore who defines beauty in the internet age? How has the concept of beauty shifted from one rooted in culture towards a universal ideal? Thirdly, we will explore how this development is impacting on our girls’ lives — encouraging eating disorders, skin whitening treatments and increased use of plastic surgery. Our conversation will take us from Europe to China, Korea, India and beyond.

Beauty is a business all about the bottom line: profit. So, how can we as women change the business model by producing editorial content that refuses to conform to the stereotype and celebrates women of all shapes, colours and sizes?


CHAIR: Edna Fernandes

Edna FernandesEdna Fernandes is author of Holy Warriors and The Last Jews of Kerala. She is former Special Correspondent for the Mail on Sunday, former Financial Times foreign correspondent and Reuters Westminster correspondent. Her books were finalists for the Index on Censorship prize, India’s Crossword literary prize and chosen as a Sunday Times Travel Book of the Year in 2009. Currently, she’s working on a new book.


SPEAKER 1: Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May OoiYang-May Ooi is an acclaimed writer/ performer. Her solo show Bound Feet Blues – A Life Told in Shoes explores female desirability, identity and empowerment through the interwoven stories of foot-binding in China and Yang-May’s own search for her sexual identity. The sell-out show returns to London’s West End in Nov/ Dec 2015.



Jee OhJee OH is a designer and New Media artist. She is currently doing her doctoral research at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her principal research interests are in women’s experiences with network media of which she creates aesthetic representations in physical forms. Her artworks were exhibited at art venues in Austria, London, South Korea, Slovenia, USA and Singapore.


SPEAKER 3: Sally Gloyne

Sally GloyneSally Gloyne is an educator and publisher of T! magazine, aimed at teenage girls aged 14-18. T! breaks the mould of teen magazines– it’s a subscription and online lifestyle magazine written and produced by girls for girls. It takes a fresh look at beauty and style and encourages girls to make a difference to the world. As one reader puts it: “T! is different. It revolves around real people and focuses on what we really want to read.”


This is a free public event but please rsvp by 2nd March to
bookings@pawa-london.org (for catering purposes)

Pan Asian Women’s Association | 620A Kings Road | London SW6 2DU
W: www.pawa-london.org | E: info@pawa-london.org

PAWA logo

PAWA is UK registered charity focused on a single purpose: to support teenage girls education in Asia. PAWA’s aim is to raise funds for selected grass root projects which directly benefit girls education in Asia. Evidence shows that educating girls is the most effective way to fight poverty. www.pawa-london.org

Nehru Centre logo

The Nehru Centre (TNC) acts as the cultural wing of The High Commission of India in UK. Established in 1992, it is regarded by The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) as its flagship cultural centre abroad, and has, over the years, emerged as a premier institution engaged in India’s cultural interface with UK. www.nehrucentre.org.uk

Soon Yul Kang (강순열) in the 4th End of the World Biennale at Mar del Plata in Argentina

  • Date: 12 December 2014 – 22 February 2015
  • Venue: PLAZA del AGUA, Mar del Plata / Argentina

Soon Yul Kang is participating in the fourth edition of the End of the World Biennale (La Bienal del Fin del Mundo) held in Mar del Plata in Argentina. The Biennale invited 140 artists from 35 countries and five continents. The theme of the Biennale, titled “Contrasts & Utopias”, has been organized by the artistic director Massimo Scaringella with curatorial teams of Vittoria Biasi, Ricardo Cadenas, Fortunata Calabrò, Alessandro Demma, Micol Di Veroli, Loredana Manca, Justo Pastor Mellado, Rafael Raddi, Daniel Rangel, Yin Rong. The Biennale exhibitions and other events take place in various locations, Ushuaia in Argentina, the Chilean cities of Valparaíso and Punta Arenas and continue until March 2015.

Soon Yul Kang completed a circular form of diameter 180cm on the white wall creating a meditative atmosphere with her hand writing of the Korean word of 사랑 [sarang] (LOVE) repeatedly. She shows it in conjunction with two panels of paper collage works of the words of AMOR and LOVE and seven small offerings as white prayer.

Soon Yul Kang Biennale Project 2014
Soon Yul Kang writing the word 사랑 (sarang) as part of her Biennale project, 2014

“My work explores how the concept of white is used as a fundamental and universal symbol of pure love. White is the colour most often associated with innocence, purity, freshness and new beginnings. It is the opposite of black and contrasts light with darkness, day with night and good with evil. White is interpreted similarly in Eastern and Western cultures. Understanding the symbolic meanings of white in the circle of life, whether it is for birth, marriage or death is at the core of understanding pure love. Love is central to living in modern civilised society, love for nature, love of society, love of one’s religion, love between countries and races and love between individual human beings. In the modern world we use all kinds of technology to communicate, but it is still only by using our hand to write the words do we really convey a sense of feeling and intimacy. Concentration on circular form through the hand writing of the word LOVE (사랑 in Korean) repeatedly is a ritual as ZEN meditation practice towards awakening.”



Biennale graphic

The 4th End of the World Biennale 2014 / 2015 delves into cultural, environmental and ecological topics for the purpose of generating interdisciplinary spaces for thought, for which it was created in 2007 and further carried forward in the successive 2009 and 2011 editions. This edition, held at venues in Argentina and Chile, will open the section of the Argentine city of Mar del Plata on December 12, 2014 through to February 22, 2015. In addition, an Agreement on Environment and Contemporary Art will be entered into on February 7 in the most southern city in Argentina, Ushuaia. In turn, the section in the Chilean city of Valparaíso will be opened on January 31 and will last until March 31, 2015, while the section of the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas will be opened from February 3 through March 31, 2015.

This fourth edition, titled “Contrasts & Utopias“, pursues and strengthens the inquiries from previous editions into contemporary issues, in order to suggest new contributions to our motto —“thinking, at the end of the world, what other world is possible”—, and is part of the project called “South Pole for Arts, Sciences, Tourism & Ecology”.

The 4th End of the World Biennial will witness the participation of about 140 international artists from 35 countries, with side events and actions promoting culture and tourism, and with Italy as the guest of honor.

Alberto Grottesi Errazu
Artistic Director
Massimo Scaringella

Curatorial Committee
Vittoria Biasi, Ricardo Cadenas, Fortunata Calabrò, Alessandro Demma,Micol Di Veroli, Loredana Manca, Justo Pastor Mellado, Rafael Raddi, Daniel Rangel, Yin Rong

Sponsored by
Argentine Presidency
Argentine Ministry of Culture
Argentine Ministry of Social Development
Ministry of Tourism
Municipality of General Pueyrredón – Mar del Plata – Batán
Mar del Plata Department of Culture
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International
Cooperation – “Italia’s Year in Latin America”
Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism
Italian Embassy in Argentina
IGAV – Garuzzo Institute for Contemporary Art
Rome Academy of Fine Arts
Supported by
National Music Institute (Argentina)
Obras Sanitarias S.E. MGP and Ceramic School Rogelio Yrurtia (Mar del Plata)
Italian Culture Institute in Buenos Aires – Korean Cultural Center in Buenos Aires
University of Delaware (USA) – Department of Art Office of Undergraduate Research
Arts and humanities research Counsil AHRC (United Kingdom)
Yokohama College of Art & Design and World Art and Culture Exchange (Japan)
Elinn Light and Moto Identity Design Group (Korea) – United Overseas Bank UOB (Thailand)
Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Marta (Colombia)
Prometeo Gallery of Ida Pisani at Milano (Italy)

biennale logo

Minjung Baek in recitals at St Mary’s Perivale and LSE

Minjung Baek

Pianist Minjung Baek has two recitals coming up: at St Mary’s Perivale on Wednesday 29th October and at the LSE on 13 November. More details below:

St Mary’s Perivale

Wednesday 29th October, 7.30 pm
Perivale Lane, Perivale, Middlesex, UB6 8SS [Map]


Scarlatti : Two sonatas
Chopin : Polonaise-Fantasie Op.61
Rachmaninov : Etude-Tableau in C minor Op33 no 3
Rachmaninov : Variations on a theme of Corelli Op 42

Alena Lugovkina (flute)
Andrey Lebedev (guitar)

Pujol: Suite Buenos Aires
Nelegatti: Tres Temas Argentinas
Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango

Admission free with retiring collection. No tickets issued beforehand

The winner of 2012 Beethoven Piano Society of Europe Competition, MinJung Baek was born in South Korea, and by eleven she had won fifty Korean national competitions. Later, she won top prizes at several international piano competitions including the 2012 Ernesto Falla, the 2012 Concorso Nuovi Orizzonti and 2006 the Rachmaninoff Piano Competition, which led to concerts playing Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos nos 1 & 2 & the Paganini Rhapsody in one concert, in both Ukraine and Italy. She made her orchestral debut when aged 10, and since then has performed and broadcast extensively all over the world. Recent highlights include her UK debut at the prestigious venues including Purcell Room and Wigmore Hall. She completed her Master of performance with distinction and the prestigious Artist Diploma as a full scholarship student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and also studied at Mannes college of Music in New York, and Artist Diploma at the world famous Accademia Pianistica Internazionale “Incontri col maestro” di Imola, Italy.

London School of Economics

Thursday 13 November 2014, 1.05-2pm
Venue: Shaw Library, Old Building, Houghton Street (Off the Aldwych [Map])


F.Chopin – Ballade No.1 in G minor, Op.23
D.Scarlatti – Sonata in C major, K.159 & in G major, K.427
F.Liszt – Sonata in B minor, S.178
M.Ravel – La Valse

Winner of the 2012 Beethoven Piano Society of Europe Competition and a performer in music festivals around the world as soloist and chamber musician

This event is free and open to all with no ticket or pre-registration required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. For any queries see LSE Events FAQ or contact us at events@lse.ac.uk or 0207 955 6043.