Curious Tiptoe — Lunacy: stuck in my head!

KAA member WooJung Kim would like to invite you to a performance as part of the Empty Shop Project ( in Dorking.

Curious Tiptoe -- Lunacy: stuck in my head!

The EMPTY SHOP PROJECT is a six-week dance event filled with workshops, performances, films, photographs and writing about dance.

Six teams present their work on Saturday 13th August. WooJung Kim and two choreographers work together as Curious Tiptoe group, in which they perform together as dancers.

Curious Tiptoe
Lunacy: stuck in my head!

Do I look crazy?
Is it real madness? Or maybe just too much focus?
Well, it could be you…

Somewhere in a place far away from this, it comes to you: Addicted! To what? It does not matter, the only thing that matters here now and today, is that we all know what it feels like. We don’t talk about drugs here. We talk about what three artists found in their very own soul that moment.

So, sit and come with us – you might find it too.

Addiction combines humans darkest, yet most intense as well as ordinary features. Start diving!

Choreography and performance: Britta Barthel, WooJung Kim and Marina Pogiatzi

The show is running twice; 12pm and 3pm.
Address – 11 St Martins Walk, Dorking, RH4 1UT
Mobile – 0789 105 2912
website –

Empty shop blog –

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