Sung Young Park (painter)

Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm
Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm

Sung Young Park studied Fine Art first in Korea before moving to London to continue her studies. She completed her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2006. After gaining a certificate in teaching adults she ran her own art classes at the Brady Art Centre in Whitechapel and went on to teach amateur artists in the Phoenix Art Group at Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch.

In her practice she has been continually fascinated by figurative images that challenge conventional representation in painting. She is particularly interested in creating images that reflect her daily life, personal experience, memory and subconscious. This allows her to convert her autobiographical experience into images that she places in bizarre and unreal juxtapositions.

She has approached her recent works from a Buddhist perspective. She sees Buddhism as a science of the mind rather than a religion and believes it can adapt to and influence art and culture in many positive ways.

Selected Exhibitions

  • From the Lightest Corners of the Mind, Gallery O-68, Solo Show, Netherlands, 2014
  • Imaginative Space, Mokspace Gallery, Duo Show, London, 2013
  • Royal Academy of Arts Cafe Gallery, Group Show, London, 2010
  • Sueli Turner Gallery, Group Show, London, 2009
  • Chrysalis Gallery, Solo Show, Richmond, 2005


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