Jeeeun Hong (홍지은) in Group Exhibition: P + P | PHOTOGRAPHY + PAINTING

  • Date: MAY 05 – MAY 09, 2015
  • Opening Reception: TUESDAY, MAY 05 6PM-9PM
  • Gallery Hours: TUESDAY – SATURDAY, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Inquiries:


Ima Studio is pleased to present a group exhibition at Four Corners. The exhibition contains work from an international group of young artists exhibiting and exploring the medium of painting and photography. The exhibit consists of work by artists PARMINDERJIT BHANGOO, DONGMIN HAN, SAMANTHA Y. HUANG, JEEEUN HONG, KATE KIM, JUNG HYUN SUK, JOSHUA LAPENA, SUJEONG PAIK, CRISTINA PRUDENTE, and will also include work by the non-profit social enterprise LENSATIONAL.

P+P is informed by the thought that when the camera was first introduced, photography was considered a new technology to replace the medium of painting. Thus, painters and even the public predicted that photography would lead to the ceasing of the painted form. Contrary to their expectations, painting and photography have developed independently, each assuming unique identities. Photography never eclipsed painting, instead the two forms started to respond to each other. To demonstrate how the boundaries within art blur, this exhibition explores the intersection and overlapping of painting and photography.

Parminderjit Bhangoo’s minimalist work is an intriguing mix of line and intention. They are equal parts literal representations of the subject matter as much as they are puzzles waiting to be explored.

Dongmin Han uses hanji-like photo paper, photo emulsion liquid, and applies brush strokes to create an unusual effect of the end image lying somewhere between photo and painting.

Jeeeun Hong’s work aims to create a personal sanctuary. Inspired by her own search, and using a variety of mediums, she also invites the viewer to find their own sanctuaries.

Samantha Y. Huang’s photographs are performance-based interpretations of paintings that start with the idea of the person being the canvas.

Kate Kim uses fairy tales as her subject matter. In this exhibition she uses the white rabbit as the main focus for exploring a theme of innocence.

Jung Hyun Suk’s photographic work is both about the traditions of a Korean Funeral Ceremony and the beauty of the landscape. He emphasises symbolism and colours to guide narrative.

Joshua Lapena investigates the relationship with space, specifically the relationship we make with neutral/empty space.

SuJeong Paik’s series of paintings ask us to look again at the idea of imperfection, arguing that embracing imperfection is fundamental to our self-satisfaction, and more important than the pursuit of imperfection.

Cristina Prudente uses photography in a non-traditional approach and explores the public communities of the everyday.

For P+P Ima Studio is proud to invite the support, and exhibit the work, of Lensational – a non-profit social enterprise that aims to empower marginalised women in developing regions through participatory photography programmes. This particular project at P+P showcases Hong Kong from the lenses of Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers. Photography here is used as an analogy to describe the state of mind for these domestic helpers who are in transition. Every time when a shutter is clicked, it signifies uncertainty.

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