Yonghyun Lim_Jackie & Sooji Shin at Mokspace Gallery

Date: 23 Aug – 3 Sep 2012 / Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm, Every day
Venue: MOKSPACE Gallery / 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH

Symposium poster

Following the East meets West: Art and Design Now exhibition, Mokspace has put together a competition in order to create a talent pool for professional designers and artists.

Symposium is a selection of artworks and designs that remediates the possibilities of various expressions through use of differentiated genres and its interactions with each others.

Symposium exhibits works of 13 artists consisting of painting, drawing, flexography, sculpture, jewellery, pottery, accessory design, mosaic and photography.

The 13 artists included in Symposium – Karen Parry, Valeriya Vygodnaya, Taegyun Kim, Yonghyun Lim_Jackie, Sanghyun Kim, Hyerim Kim, Kyungmin Lee, Sungmin Han, Sooji Shin, Eunkyung Jeon, Sunsuk Ahn, U Hyun Bong, Miyeon Lee’s individual practices result in representations of objects and events that enticed each artist.

London is currently booming with artists who are constantly experimenting and challenging the public with different sources/forms to show.

Along with this exhibition, Mokspace is hoping to entice the public with differentiated medium that we can find easily around us used in unconventional ways. Also, this exhibition would bring synergy effect on the both young emerging artists and professional artist who are already participating in various biennales and art fairs as they would be able to see their works in a new light.

Each work accurately portrays events and objects as the artists see it and they hope to show beyond what they see – in their own construction and invite us to participate in interpreting them in our own way.


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