Eunjung Seo Feleppa (painter)

Eunjung Seo

I was born in South Korea and have painted all my life. I studied Fine Art at Hong-Ik University in Seoul and since then, I have spent my time roughly 50:50 between England and Korea, such to the point that I feel like I live in two different worlds. To me, Korea is my Narnia. Then, when I’m in Korea, England is my Narnia, so I always miss the other side. This might be the reason why I paint windows and doors as metaphors. When you try to think about the other side, you can’t remember quite clearly about what’s there, so you visualize dream-like images. This dream-like, nostalgic other side is what everyone has in them, and is the reason why we go to the cinema, galleries, and concerts – does art reminding us of our dreams?

I wanted to represent this other side – a somewhat indescribable, melancholy and nostalgic place where language or logic can’t enter. These images combine a strange time and place, which makes you think about a familiar or specific moment.

  • BFA (Hons) Hong-Ik University, Seoul
  • Group Exhibition, Highgate Fine Art
  • Solo Exhibition, Gallery PFO, Busan
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition, M Gallery, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
  • 2012 Currently studying Post Compulsory PGCE at Institute of Education

Soon Yul Kang (visual artist)

Soon Yul Kang: Spiritual Journey (2012)
Soon Yul Kang: Spiritual Journey (2012). Cotton collage, ink, 96 x 96 cm

Soon Yul Kang studied Fibre Arts in Korea, Japan and UK. She received a MA in textiles (Visual Arts) at Goldsmiths College, University of London and has been a resident artist in Kew Art Studio in Richmond since 1998. She specialises in hand woven tapestries, but also creates collages and mixed media works. She has exhibited widely in UK and Korea and internationally and also has been invited as a demonstrating artist at Art in Action 2010, 2011 & 2012. A tapestry of hers is on permanent display at West Middlesex University Hospital, Twickenham in UK and Yedam Church in Seoul, Korea and private collections in UK, Ireland, Germany, U.S.A., Japan and Korea. She lectured at Ewha Womans University, Dongduk Women’s University, Sangmyung University and Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

“My tapestries of tranquil landscapes involve subtle changes in colour and light that reflect changes in perspective and mood to induce a sense of peace, healing and meditation inspired by the Zen understanding of simplicity, stillness and emptiness.

For recent collage works I choose meaningful words or signs. I carefully and repeatedly write them on Korean mulberry paper or pure cotton as a ritual like Zen practice. The meaning of the words and signs are related to a spiritual journey. I cut the written one into very tiny square sizes to start, and then gradually increase the size as I create a circular form. Circle and square refer to Yin and Yang but I also use a circle in my works to convey a sense of immortality and of an on-going journey.”

Selected Exhibitions

  • LIGHT POETRY, LA NOUVA PESA, Rome, Italy, 2016 (Solo)
  • Spiritual Journey, MOKSPACE, London, U.K., 2013 (Solo)
  • Time for Stillness….Time for Silence, Artspace Galleries, London, U.K., 2010 (Solo)
  • Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxfordshire 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Woven Horizon, Colne Gallery, Colchester, U.K., 2009 (Solo)
  • Weaving Within, Smith Art Gallery & Museum and Stirling Castle, Stirling, UK, 2009


Jeung Hyun Choi (traditional percussion)

Jeung Hyun Choi
Jeung Hyun Choi is a Korean traditional percussion player and currently working as managing director of DULSORI, the Korean traditional Music World Group. She has taught Korean traditional percussion and traditional songs for over 20 years. She has been working as a professional instructor for Pung-mul teachers since 2001. She has led many international workshops in Korea and abroad.

  • Founding Member of DULSORI Korea, 1984
  • Board Member of DULSORI Korea, 1998 to present
  • Training Director of ‘TAONORI’, 2004
  • Awarded the 2nd prize from National Kukak Competition, Gyeongju, Korea, 1993
  • Awarded the 2nd prize from Sa-mul-nol-yi Competition, Korea, 1993

Selected performances

  • Closing ceremony of the 8th An-seong Juk-san International Arts Festival, Korea, 2002
  • International Workshop for Youth Association for the closing event, Korea, 2001
  • Traditional Game Workshop at the 7th An-seong Juk-san International Arts Festival, Korea, 2001
  • Workshops for Overseas Korean Youth in Japan, 2002-4
  • ‘Finding the lost history, Da-mul’, Tour in China, 1995

Sung Young Park (painter)

Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm
Sung Young Park: Opposite Alike, Acrylic on canvas, 83 x 103cm

Sung Young Park studied Fine Art first in Korea before moving to London to continue her studies. She completed her Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2006. After gaining a certificate in teaching adults she ran her own art classes at the Brady Art Centre in Whitechapel and went on to teach amateur artists in the Phoenix Art Group at Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch.

In her practice she has been continually fascinated by figurative images that challenge conventional representation in painting. She is particularly interested in creating images that reflect her daily life, personal experience, memory and subconscious. This allows her to convert her autobiographical experience into images that she places in bizarre and unreal juxtapositions.

She has approached her recent works from a Buddhist perspective. She sees Buddhism as a science of the mind rather than a religion and believes it can adapt to and influence art and culture in many positive ways.

Selected Exhibitions

  • From the Lightest Corners of the Mind, Gallery O-68, Solo Show, Netherlands, 2014
  • Imaginative Space, Mokspace Gallery, Duo Show, London, 2013
  • Royal Academy of Arts Cafe Gallery, Group Show, London, 2010
  • Sueli Turner Gallery, Group Show, London, 2009
  • Chrysalis Gallery, Solo Show, Richmond, 2005


Jeong Min Moon (visual artist)

Jeong Min Moon: The Cross, 102x102cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2013
Jeong Min Moon: The Cross, 102x102cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Jeong Min Moon studied a Western painting in BA, Seoul, South Korea in 1990 and she gained a MFA Fine art at Middlesex University, London, UK 2004.  Her work based on Western Action painting and Korean naturalism which promotes simplicity and nature. As an artist from a different culture herself, the roughness action of ripping, dripping, sticking reflects the fear people experience when they first encounter the new ideas and concepts of another culture. The key aspect of her work is to explore the relationship between mixed culture and the inspirations of her inner nature.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Korea Chronicles by KAA, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK, 2014
  • Symposium: A Banquet of Korean Contemporary Art by 4482, London, UK, 2014
  • 합, Collaboration by KAA, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK, 2013
  • Middlesex MA & MFA Degree Show, London, UK, 2004
  • 291 Gallery Open Screenings, London, UK, 2000
  • Art for Youth Exhibition, London, UK, 2000
  • Collection by Garden Door Gallery, London, UK, 2000-1998
  • Solo Show – Life Drawing, Seoul, South Korea, 1996


Sang Gun Kim (motion graphic designer)

Sanggun Kim: Face Britain (2012), Buckingham palace, London, 3D Project Mapping work
Sanggun Kim: Face Britain (2012), Buckingham palace, London, 3D Project Mapping work

Sanggun Kim graduated from Ravensbourne College with BA (Hons) and Masters Degree in Moving Image.

Currently he works as a Motion Graphic designer at The Projection Studio.

Selected Projects

  • ‘2015 ISE Tesla car 3D Projection Mapping’ – 2015 ISE Panasonic – 3D Projection Mapping – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb, 2015
  • ‘WW1 Glasgow Light Show’ – WW1 Glasgow Light show 2014 – 3D Projection Mapping – Glasgow city chambers, Glasgow, UK, Nov, 2014
  • ‘Five Elements of Nature’– Tegn Bahadur Memorial, 2013 New Delhi, India – 3D Projection Mapping work May, 2013
  • ‘Triquetra’ – York light festival, Clifford’s Tower, York, UK – 3D Projection Mapping Work Oct, 2013
  • ‘Face Britain’ – Buckingham palace, London, UK – 3D Project Mapping work April, 2012
  • ‘Clock tower’ – Venetian Hotel permanent installation, Las Vegas, US – 3D Project Mapping work March, 2012.
  • ‘Five Windows’ – Dartmouth College Hopkins Center for The Art, Boston, US – 3D Project Mapping work October, 2012.


Jee Oh (mixed media artist)

Jee OH, Gori.Node garden (2005, W1500mm x D1500mm x H2000mm)
Gori.Node Garden (Austria in 2005, W1500mm x D1500mm x H2000mm)

The principal themes that Jee explores, questions and reinterprets through her art-making are hybridity, uncertainty and continuity that she experiences through network media communication, multiculturalism and motherhood. Her artworks were exhibited at art venues in Austria, London, South Korea, Ljubljana, USA and Singapore.


Sarah E. Choi (ceramic artist)

Sarah E.Choi: London & Its Shadows
Sarah E.Choi: London & Its Shadows

Sarah achieved a BA in sculpture at Ewha Womans University in Korea and she then studied for a MA in Fine Art at the University of West England. She had a private art studio in Dorset and led the Milbourne Port Art Group. She is now a resident artist at ASC Kingston Studio. Several of her works have recently been on show at various galleries and venues in London. She prefers the hand-building technique as it is ideal for engendering a more human touch that can be expressed through sculptural effects. The mix of ethnicities is a rich source for the illustrations she draws and paints on her hand-built stoneware, especially in its joyous detail, it is a celebration of London – one of its most splendid multi ethnic cities of the world, possessing its amazing beauty and diversity. She states “To me, the city is ever pulsing and vibrant. I take my inspiration from my fondness for the city’s unique architectural scenes and I overlay what I do with a sensitivity to the humanity of its teeming millions”.

She treats the vessels as though they are 3D canvases, applying glazes, under-glazes, oxides, slips and various materials as the process continues of building, drawing, cutting, engraving, colouring, glazing, firing etc…

Selected Exhibitions

  • Abstractions and Figurations: 22 – 28 February, 2016, 54 The Gallery, 54 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London
  • KAOS 10, Group Exhibition: Craft Central Gallery, 20 -25 October 2015, St John’s Square, London
  • ‘Selfies’ : An Exhibition of Self Portraits, The Art Space at Cass Art, 103 Clarence Street, 6-14 June 2015
  • Surrey Artists Group Exhibition : 19 May – 4 June 2015, Lewis Elton Gallery, University of Surrey, Guilford
  • Stone Projects – Northern Attitudes Exhibition: December 2014 – January 2015, Kingston Museum, London
  • London We Live In: Solo Exhibition, 12th December 2014 – 31st January 2015, West Hampstead, London